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Crafting Guide is the ultimate resource for Minecraft. Whether you're punching trees or building reactors, you'll find Crafting Guide indispensable.

No problem. Crafting Guide can do it all.

Configure which mods you're using, and the entire site will update itself to your mod pack.

Browse through your own customized item catalog to see full recipe lists, related items, recipes added by each tool, and even which items can be made from the item you're looking at.

Craft any number of items from your mod pack to see a full list of raw ingredients, and recipe-by-recipe instructions on how to make everything on your list. No item is too complex, and no build is too big.

What's new?


For a long while now, Galacticraft has been the most requested mod, and it's finally here! Enjoy!


Remember me? They guy who runs the site. Yeah, I'm back, and with big news! The site now has a completely new crafting algorithm. Instead of just taking the first crafting plan it comes up with, it tries to compute every possible plan, rates them, and then picks the best one. This also clears up a lot of bugs related to the old algorithm. The one drawback is that some items can take a bit longer to compute than with the old way, but I think you'll find it's worth it!

On a personal note, I think it's clear that I don't have nearly as much time to dedicate to the site as I used to. That's mostly because I started a new job which keeps me away from working on the site so much. I hope to be able to get into a more regular pace now things my personal life has settled down again.


You may have noticed things have been very quiet with the site for the past month... well I'm afraid that's because I haven't been working on it. Instead, I've been hunting for a new job. Now that I've got that all squared away (I'll be starting at Looker in Santa Cruz on Monday), I'll have nights and weekends to continue working on the site. Thanks for being patient!


Today I launched the second major part of the item description editor: image uploads! As you enter your description, use the markdown notation for an image ![](image.png) and a empty image preview will show up underneath the editor. Click the button to select an image from your computer. Just be sure to keep the images to a reasonable size (< 750kB, and < 740px by 600px).


As of today, you can now add and edit item descriptions right on Crafting Guide. This feature is starting small with just item descriptions, but eventually all the content on the site will be editable. All you need is a (free) GitHub account, and you're ready to go!

For those more comfortable with a regular text editor, all the content is still in GitHub under the crafting-guide-data repo. Just follow the instructions, and you can submit content via pull request instead of using the website's editor.


I've been working on a big new feature for a while now, but I didn't want to leave everyone without anything new for so long... So, I've just finished adding MineFactory Reloaded! Enjoy!


Okay... big changes on the crafting page! Instead of having four little boxes for the various parts of the crafting plan, the new page shows all the steps as one long list. In addition, you get a lot more control over the plan. Now, you can even mark individual steps as complete to get a new crafting plan which doesn't include those items.

As an example, let's say you're thinking about upgrading your Reinforced Jetpack to a shiny new Resonant Jetpack, you can just mark off the step for the Reinforced Jetpack, and get only the materials and steps for doing the upgrade. I'm really pleased with the new crafting page, and I think you're going to love it!


I've just finished adding Simply Jetpacks by Tonius. It seems like a simple mod on the surface, but what with all the upgrades and technology tiers, it takes an amazing 87 steps to make the highest-tier jetpack!

I've also added Solar Flux by Nauktis. Again, another deceptively simple mod, but the most powerful solar panel kicks out an impressive 4096 RF/t! I just hope your mine has been productive... among other things, you'll need 45 Diamonds, 110 Gold Ore, 1568 Copper Ore, and 6023 Iron Ore!


I've been working on improving the crafting plan a bit. You're now able to represent recipes which require a stack of inputs (e.g., making Fused Quartz from EnderIO). This allows for a number of improvements, especially in how fluids are handled. Check out the crafting plan for a Cryo-Stabilized Fluxduct, for example.

I've also added support for MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any recipe sets working other than the vanilla set, but if anyone has any other working recipes files, I'd be happy to add them!


I've just added a site-wide search feature right next to the other navigation controls. Just click it and start typing to find any item in your active mod pack. Head over to the configure page to adjust what mods are in your pack.

The really big news, though, is that Thiago Belem's real project is complete: Extra Utilites! One of the most highly requested mods, this is a fantastic addition to the growing list of mods supported by Crafting Guide. A huge "Thank You!" to Thiago for his contributions!


Thanks to Thiago Belem, Crafting Guide now has support for Ender Storage! While it's only a few items, it's a very handy mod well worth having in your mod pack! Thanks, Thiago!