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Crafting Guide for Minecraft

What's new?


Recently, I've been working on allowing mod authors to add more detail to the item pages here on Crafting Guide. To that end, there are a couple of new features to announce. First, item detail pages can now show text and pictures to describe the item (check out the Assembly Table for an example). Second, mods can now include tutorial pages containing similar text and pictures to describe tricky concepts, complex builds, or anything else their mod has to offer (see Gates, Wires, and Chips for an example). Finally, both item pages and tutorial pages can display a list of YouTube videos. Only a few pages in the Buildcraft section have been updated so far, but keep an eye out for more to come!

And... the second piece of news is that Crafting Guide now supports Thermal Dynamics! This mod is an off-shoot from Thermal Expansion which contains all the ducts (item, fluid and redstone flux) you're used to from TE3 plus some extras both for higher capacity throughput and combining item ducts with redstone flux ducts.


Happy Friday! For the weekend, you get Big Reactors! Enjoy!


Thanks to the extraordinary generosity and effort of Sheldon Griffin, Crafting Guide now supports Forestry! Forestry is not a small mod, but he put in a huge effort, and it looks great. If you'd like to help out too, head over to the GitHub Wiki for full instructions: no programming required!

Also in the works is another significant expansion to the item pages. I've got the coding part finished (you can peek at the final result here), and now there's a lot of entering data left to be done... any volunteers?


It may seem like not much has been happening lately, but that's because all the changes have been behind the scenes, and focused on making Google happier with the site. This will make the site show up better is search results, and will make it load a bit faster.

As a result of this work, the site also now qualifies for AdSense. I absolutely don't want to choke the site with ads as other big sites do, but it will be nice to pay the bills!


This release delivers the second major expansion of Crafting Guide! Here's the list of what's new:

  • New home page!
  • Moved the crafting planner (the old home page) to its own Craft page
  • Moved mod pack management to the new Configure page
  • Added a Browse page where you can peruse the list of supported mods


This release adds a new section to the item pages called "Used as Tool to Make". The new section shows all the other items which can be made by that tool. For example, the IC2 Macerator shows a bunch of things like Iron Dust, Gold Dust, etc.


This release changes the crafting page to let you modify the quantity of items in the "Items You Want" and "Items You Have" section. Let's say you want to make 64 Potions of Healing. You add "Potion of Healing" just as as you always did, but now you can click on the quantity to change it to whatever you want.

At the same time, I've changed the quantity field to allow up to 9999 of any item. Have fun with those huge builds!


Woo hoo! Or, should I say: Choo choo! I just added support for RailCraft! I also pushed up lots of performance improvements (55% faster at computing crafting plans)! Hopefully, you won't really notice anything except that entering new items and computing really complicated crafting plans don't take so long.


I just made some major updates to the crafting algorithm. Without getting into details, I'll say that there are a few things you should notice:

  1. it will favor recipes which produce more of an item versus those which produce fewer (e.g., IC2 plates get made with the Block Cutter instead of the Forge Hammer)
  2. metal ingots will frequently (but not always) get crafted using 2x recipes instead of smelting ore directly in a furnace
  3. recipes for vanilla items added by mods are now available (e.g., smelting Iron Dust into Iron ingots)