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Assembly Table

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The Assembly Table is used to make various chipsets, gates, wires, and other electronic parts. Right-clicking opens the interface:

You can place the input items on the left, and the available output items appear on the right. All assembly table recipes are shapeless, and there may even be extra input items present.

Output items are chosen by clicking one or more items on the right. If powered, the assembly table will immediately begin creating the selected item. The item currently being created will be selected in bright red while the future items to be created will be selected in dark red.

As the assembly table works, the power meter in the center will gradually fill up. Once it reaches the top, the item is finished and will pop off the assembly table. If there's an inventory or pipe nearby, the finished item will be placed into it; otherwise, the item will fly off into the room.

Providing Power

Powering an assembly table requires the use of one or more lasers placed anywhere within a few blocks. These must be connected (via kinesis pipes) to some source of power. A single assembly table can receive as much power as you can give it, so the more lasers you have within range, the faster it will work. Here's an example of a simple setup:

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  1. a combustion Engine filled with fuel produces power (60 RF/t) when activated by a redstone torch
  2. an emerald kinesis pipe draws power out of the engine and transmits it along some gold kinesis pipes
  3. a set of three lasers each transmit 20 RF/t
  4. assembly table which uses the 60 RF/t to build its current assignment

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Similar Machines

There are a number of other machines which also require laser power, so it is wise to set up your lasers so that they can reach all of them. If multiple machines each have a job ready to work, the lasers will split their time (and thus the output power) between each of them.

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