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The land mark is used to show the area where a BuildCraft machine should work. Some machines, like the Quarry, use a 2-dimensional area, while others, like the Filler, use a 3-dimensional area.

Defining a 2D area

To define a 2D area, start by placing a landmark at one corner of the area you want to define. Then place another landmark in a straight line away from the first to mark off the width. Next, place another landmark in a straight line perpendicular to the first (describing an L) to mark off the depth. By right-clicking the first marker, you active the land marks, and a red rectangle should appear connecting all three land marks.

There are a few things to keep in mind, or your landmarks won't connect into a rectangle:

  1. All the landmarks must be at the same height (i.e., at the same Y coordinate)
  2. The landmarks cannot be more than 64m apart

As a handy way to judge the last criteria, if you provide a redstone signal to the first landmark, it will shoot out a blue beam to its maximum range.

Defining a 3D area

To define a 3D area, start by defining the base using the method described above. Before right-clicking to define the area, simply place another land mark directly above the first to define the height of the area.



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