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Salination Controller

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The Salination Controller is the main interface to a Salination Plant, a multi-block structure for producing Brine. At a minimum, it must be composed of three layers:

The top layer of the structure is the most complex. Each corner must contain an Advanced Solar Generator. The center must be left hollow, and the remaining edges must be made of Salination Blocks with a single controller somewhere in the ring.

The structure must contain at least one middle layer (though any larger number is permitted). The overall structure must contain at least two Salination Valves in a middle layer somewhere (one for input of Water, and one for output of Brine), but otherwise, the middle layers must be hollow rings of 12 salination blocks each.

The bottom layer consists of 16 Salination Blocks.

Here's the Crafting Plan for the smallest possible salination plant.


The Salination plant relies on solar power to convert water into brine. All that's needed is a pump to keep the tank filled, and a steady source of sunshine to power it. Of course, the sun doesn't shine all the time, so you will naturally have less productive periods overnight.

The taller your salination plant is, the higher temperature it will be able to achive and maintain, and thus the more efficient it will be at producing brine.



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