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Cactus is a plant which naturally grows in hot, arid climates (e.g., desert biomes and the like). When placed on sand, it will grow up to 3m tall. When harvested, any cactus blocks above the one harvested will also pop off and become items.

Cactus blocks cannot be placed directly next to any other block. If a cactus plant should grow such that the new segment is directly next to a block, the new segment will automatically pop off. By arranging cactus to grow next to another block and surrounding it with running Water which leads to a Hopper, one can make a fully-automated cactus farm, even in vanilla Minecraft. Cactus need neither light nor water to grow.

Both mobs and items which come in contact with a cactus sustain damage. For mobs, this does 1 point (half a heart) of damage. For items, it will destroy them instantly.

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