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Grass Block

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Grass Blocks make up the surface layer of most temperate biomes. They can be harvested with or without a special tool (the shovel being the most efficient), but only a Dirt block will be received unless you use a tool which has the Silk Touch enchantment (or the equivalent).

Grass Blocks also have the interesting property that they will convert nearby Dirt blocks into grass blocks. It happens slowly, but eventually an entire dirt patch can be converted by a single grass block. This happens even without being directly in sight of the sky.

When right-clicked with Bone Meal, Grass Blocks will sprout both tall grass and various kinds of native Minecraft flowers (Poppy, Dandelion, Allium, etc.). Since these flowers cannot be cultivated like crops, this is the only way to produce more.

Like Dirt, Grass Blocks can be turned into tilled soil suitable for farming by right-clicking with a hoe. Just as with dirt, the tilled soil made from grass will revert to being plain dirt if left too long without a water block nearby (within 4m).

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