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Pink Slime
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Pink Slime is produced by the Slaughterhouse as it kills mobs. As a fluid, it can be piped out and stored in tanks, buckets or even just poured out into the world. In the world, it can be drunk by a (foolish) player using a Straw to with the following effects:

  • Speed III 0:60
  • Hunger 0:10
  • Weakness 0:10
  • Nausea 0:25

As you can see, nasty stuff. In fact, if left alone in the world for a few seconds, it will spawn a Pink Slime mob which will then proceed to attack the player. When defeated, it will drop a few Pink Slimeballs (interchangable with regular Slimeballs).

A more helpful use is to pipe the stuff into a Meat Packer where 100 mB will be converted into a Raw Meat Nugget with can be cooked and consumed without ill effect.

See also: Meat Packer, Raw Meat Nugget, Slaughterhouse, Straw

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