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Sludge is a fluid produced by the Harvester as it brings in crops. As a fluid, it can be poured out into the world or piped into tanks, machines, etc. The best use for it is to pipe it into a Sludge Boiler where it can be converted into useful byproducts. However, if poured out into the world, it can have a number of nasty effects. If a player stands in a pool of sludge, the player will take damage every second and receive the following effects:

  • Weakness 0:11
  • Wither 0:11
  • Nausea 0:15

And, should a player be so foolish as to drink it with a Straw, the player will take 5 hearts of damage and receive the following ill effects:

  • Wither 0:40
  • Nausea 0:40
  • Blindness 0:40

See also: Harvester, Sludge Boiler, Straw

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