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H.S. Track

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High Speed Track, or H.S. Track for short, is the base for all high speed lines. It is typically pared with H.S. Booster Track and H.S. Transition Track to create a smooth ride with speedy travel.

Making Safe Turns

Just like the Vanilla rails in Minecraft, H.S. Track will make a turn, but it must be done safely and with great precautions. When no precautions are taken to take a turn safely, the consequences are dire. Players must realize that precautions must be taken when successfully making a safe turn. Such precautions include slowing the Minecart or other mode of transportation significantly. Once this is achieved, you can safely make a turn without the worry of crashing. Another way to make a safe turn is by using a Block Signal.


If no such precautions are taken when making safe turns, the result is a crash. When a crash occurs, an explosion will destroy blocks and rails around the player or/and minecart that crashed. The explosions vary in size, depending on how fast the crash was. A medium speed crash will result in a small-medium explosion. A fast crash will result in a large explosion, typically killing the player.

Effective Track Transitions

Track transitions are vital when a player wants to stop/start a High Speed line. Track transitions are achieved by first slowing the minecart or other transportation vehicle. Then, using unpowered H.S. Transition Track and then a strip of about 5 Reinforced Tracks after the H.S. Track. This is to prevent the track breaking in the event of a explosion.



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