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H.S. Transition Track

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High Speed Transition Track is used for transitioning from high speed track to medium speed track and medium speed track to low speed track. They are most useful when entering a turn and can be used to safely avoid a crash. H.S. Transition Tracks can be used when transitioning from H.S. Track to other types of track such as Reinforced Rail and Rails.

When powered with a Redstone signal, this track will act as a booster, accelerating the Minecart or other type of transportation. When not powered with a Redstone signal, it will act as a brake, just as a Vanilla Powered Rail would do. This track is great when trying to make a safe turn or when entering a player’s station.

Effective Track Transitions

Track transitions are vital when a player wants to stop/start a High Speed line. Track transitions are achieved by first slowing the minecart or other transportation vehicle. Then, using unpowered H.S. Transition Track and then a strip of about 5 Reinforced Tracks after the H.S. Track. This is to prevent the track breaking in the event of a explosion.

See also H.S. Track for a detailed description on crashes and making safe turns.



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